Mahila Subha SB A/c

our exclusive savings account for women

Learn more about the exclusive Savings Deposit Bank Account Scheme for Women from TMB.

Mahila Subha SB A/c

Women Savings Deposit Scheme called TMB Mahila Subha Savings Scheme from 25.06.2014 with unique Health Insurance coverage of Rs. 30,000/- for her Family consisting of herself, husband and 2 dependent children with per illness limit of Rs. 15,000/- for a low annual premium of Rs. 500/- [Rs. 620/- from 17/01/2018]. The Health Coverage starts from the day one for all illness except Maternity Hospitalisation for which coverage starts after 9 months from the policy coverage starting date. This is major highlight of this Women Savings Product. As of now, no bank offers such attractive Health Care Policy for such a low premium.

Alert: This is to inform our customers that the premium for the mediclaim cover under TMB SB Mahila Subha Scheme has been revised to Rs. 620/- (inclusive of Goods & Service Tax (GST)) with effect from 17/01/2018. Our customers are requested to extend their co-operation and we thank for continued patronage.

Product Highlights:

  • Health Care Cover Policy for the entire family.
  • Free Personal Accident Insurance Cover.
  • Free Visa Debit Card.
  • Waiver of first year Annual Maintenance Charges for new Demat account opened.
  • 40 cheque leaves free Per Year.
  • Free - TMB eConnect, TMB M Banking Anywhere Banking Facility, SMS Alerts and E-mail Statements.
  • Free Unlimited Cash Remittances at Parent and Satellite Branches.

Salient Features:

Target Group
Women in the age group of 18 years to 65 Years Including salaried employee (Govt. / PSU / Private Sector / MNC etc.), Self Employed Professionals like Doctors, Entrepreneurs etc., Women with independent source of regular income like rentals etc.
Single or in joint names with her spouse and daughters. The principal account holder must belong to target group (Daughters must be aged above 10 Years).
Minimum Average Balance (MAB)
Metro Rs. 1,000.00, All Other Centre Rs. 500.00.
Visa ATM Debit Card
Demat Account
Waiver of first year Annual Maintenance Charges for new Demat account opened. [In case of Joint Accounts, First Account holder will be eligible].
Free Personal Accident Insurance Cover
Free Personal Accident Insurance Cover for Rs. 3,00,000.00. [In case of Joint Accounts, First Account holder only will be eligible].
Health Insurance - Special Feature
  • Purely cashless health insurance covering all hospitalization expenses.
  • No Medical Tests are required.
  • Family package benefit Sum Assured upto Rs. 30,000.00 (Per-illness Limit Rs. 15,000.00).
  • A/c holder, her husband, their first two dependent children will be covered.
  • Upto 1516 diseases are covered without any exclusion.
  • The coverage starts from the day one except for Maternity Hospitalisation for which coverage starts after 9 months from the policy coverage starting date.
  • Maternity benefit for upto two children. Annual Premium Rs. 500.00 [Rs. 620.00 from 17/01/2018]. The first premium amount will be collected on the date of account opening.
Cheque Book Charges
40 cheque leaves free Per Year. Thereafter Rs. 2.00 per leaf.
Non-Maintenance of MAB
Failure to maintain minimum average balance leads to limiting the charge free services extended to the Customer during the period of non-maintenance as under:
Privileges available on such accounts on account of not maintaining the stipulated minimum balance will be limited to the following basic services as under and all the features will be restored when the balance improves to the minimum required level:
Basic Services available to those who do not maintain the stipulated minimum balance:
Free Credits allowed into the account - 1.Deposit and withdrawal of cash at bank branch as well as ATMs, 2 - Receipt / credit through all electronic payment channels or by means of deposit / collection of cheques drawn by Central / State Government agencies and departments.
Number of free withdrawals allowed - 4 withdrawals are free in a month. (Through all channels including ATM, internal transfers, RTGS / NEFT / Clearing / Internet Transfers / Standing Instructions / EMI). Balance inquiry at ATM should not be reckoned for the purpose of determining the number of withdrawals. (Note: Rs. 10.00 per withdrawal will be levied for withdrawals exceeding 4 per month.).
Cash Remittance Limit Parent / Satellite Branch
Cash Withdraw - Satellite Branch
No Limit for Self Withdrawal by cheque only. Third Party Limit - Rs. 10,000.00
Payment of Cheques in other centers in clearing / transfer
No Limit.
Cheque Return / ECS Inward Debit Return Charges
Rs. 1.50 per Rs. 1,000.00 subject to a minumum of Rs. 150.00.
ECS Debit Mandate Cancellation Charges
Rs. 100.00 per ECS mandate cancellation.
Issue of Duplicate Statement
Rs. 25.00 per Ledger Folio, Minimum Rs. 25.00 + postage if any.
Issue of loose cheque leaves
Rs. 25.00 per leaf.
Issue of duplicate pass book
Rs. 25.00 per passbook with an additional charges of Rs. 5.00 per ledger folio (40 entries) thereof.
Nomination Facility
Certificate Attestation
Rs. 100.00
Outward Cheque Return
Rs. 50.00
Stop Payment Charges
Rs. 25.00, Max: Rs. 200.00.
Standing Instruction Charges
DD Cancellation Charges
Rs. 50.00
Duplicate Debit Card
Rs. 100.00
Regeneration of Pin Mailer
Rs. 50.00
Email Statement Charges
Freebies (Add-on Features)
TMB eConnect / TMB M Banking / Anywhere Banking Facility / SMS Alerts.
Health Insurance Cover
The Health Insurance Service is provided on referral basis under tie up arrangement with M/s. United India Insurance Company Ltd. Any delay in settlement / non-settlement of the claim by Insurance Company is strictly as per contract of the customers with the insurance company.
Disclaimer Clause
TMB reserves the right to change / alter / withdraw any of the terms and conditions of the scheme.
Account Closure Charges
Within 1 Year: Rs. 50.00 + ST. Rural Areas for individuals / pensioners / senior citizens - Rs. 25.00 + ST. Above 1 Year - Nil.

Detailed Terms & Conditions of Health Insurance Scheme of UIIC:

  • Age limit is restricted to 18-65 years..
  • Sum Insured: Rs. 30,000.00 (on floater basis).
  • Per Illness limit: Rs. 15,000.00.
  • Family size consists of 4 members. (2+2 i.e., the women applicant, her husband and her first two dependent children). Dependent Daughter means till date of daughter marriage or till date of daughter obtaining employment whichever is earlier. Dependent son means till date of son attaining 26 years of age or till date of son obtaining employment whichever is earlier.
  • Cashless health insurance cover for meeting expenses of hospitalization for medical and/or surgical procedures including maternity benefit, to the enrolled families for up to Rs. 30,000.00 per family per year subject to limits in any one of the empanelled hospitals across India. The benefit to the family is on floater basis i.e., the total reimbursement of Rs. 30,000.00 can be availed individually or collectively by members of the family per year.
  • Pre-existing conditions / diseases are covered.
  • Each disease / ailment / has fixed eligibility amount and this fixed amount differs for every disease.
    Maternity Expenses: a) Normal Delivery Rs. 3,500.00 b) Casearean Rs. 6,500.00,
    Cataract: a)Unilateral with IOL Rs. 3,500.00, b)Bilateral with IOL Rs. 6,500.00 etc.
    For all other diseases and details, contact your nearest branch.
  • Coverage of health services related to surgical nature for defined procedures is provided on a day care basis.
  • Provision for transport allowance of Rs. 100.00 per hospitalization is a part of the package.
  • Pre and post hospitalization cost upto 1 day prior to hospitalization and upto 5 days from the date of discharge from the hospital is part of the package.
  • Medical expenses for Miscarriage or abortion induced by accident or any medical emergency is also covered.
  • New Born Child will be covered under current policy by giving request to the branch with in 90 days from the Date of Birth. Claim coverage starts from 91st day from the baby Date of Birth after addition.
  • Newly married spouse will be covered under current policy by giving request to the branch with in 30 days from the Date of Marriage. Claim coverage starts after addition.
  • Premium is Rs. 500.00 [Rs. 620.00 from 17/01/2018] per family / individual. (Uniform premium charged for the age group of 18-65).
  • Exclusions relating to maternity benefits & day care exclusions, other terms and conditions also form part of this Health Care Policy of UIIC.
  • This insurance will cover totally 1516 treatments from the day 1 itself except for Maternity Hospitalization for which coverage starts after 9 months from the policy coverage starting date.
  • Reimbursement also permitted, if admitted to a registered hospital.
  • Scheme Eligible under 80 D.
  • Cashless facility across 3,000+ network hospitals.
  • Settlement of claims is through Third Party Administrator (TPA) on cashless basis.
  • Proposal and family details to be submitted in the Proposal Form with declaration duly signed by the proposer (Account Holder).
  • Since collection of premium is automated by the system, insurance Premium of Rs. 500.00 [Rs. 620.00 from 17/01/2018] will be debited from the Customer Account automatically by the system on the date of account opening itself. Similarly renewal Insurance Premium of Rs. 500.00 [Rs. 620.00 from 17/01/2018] will be debited from the Customer Account automatically by the system regularly once in every year by taking the date of account opening as base date. If there is insufficient balance in the account, premium collection will be postponed till availability of adequate balance in the account. There will be no health insurance cover during the said broken period. The renewal Health Cover will start from the day when renewal premium amount is debited in the account.

Most Important Terms & Conditions governing SB Account Operations:

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