NRI Lending Rates

our lending rates for nri loans
NRI Lending Rates

TMB has recently introduces special lending / credit options for NRI's to suit some specific purpose and needs. The loans are well structured and designed with the needs of NRIs in mind. One of the most popular products under this segment is our TMB Home Loan for NRI which comes with special relaxactions & features.

NRI Lending Loan Rate(s)

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Table showing various NRI Lending Interest Rates
Product / Scheme NameRate of Interest (p.a.)
  • Table above shows interest charged under various conditions for every scheme.
  • These rates are exclusive of any additional interest / penalties that may be applicable.
  • Current Base Rate for Lending (BR) with effect from Aug 16, 2017 is 9.75% p.a.
  • Interest Rates subject to change without notice as per the market trends and the bank’s decision in this regards is final.
Home Loan for NRI9.75% / 10.00% / 10.25% / 14.50% / 18.75%