NRI Acct. Type Faq

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NRI Acct. Type Faq

Indian citizen who stays abroad for an indefinite period on employment, business or on any vocation is a Non-Resident. Diplomats posted abroad, persons posted in UN Organizations and Officials deputed by PSU on temporary assignments are also treated as Non-residents.

Indian Origin

Foreign citizens (except citizens of Pakistan or Bangladesh) is deemed to be a person of Indian Origin if:

  • He at any time, held an Indian Passport.
  • He or either of his parents or any of his great parents are / were Citizen(s) of India.
  • A spouse (not being citizen of Pakistan or Bangladesh) of an Indian Citizen or of a person of Indian Origin is also treated as a person of Indian Origin for the above purposes.

Who can open an Account?

Non resident Indians (NRIs) can open various types of Account with us. Various facilities are available. Accounts can be maintained by NRIs either in Rupee or in specified currencies viz.; US DOLLAR, POUND STERLING, EURO.

The information given below vividly describe the various NRI accounts and the facilities offered by us. You may choose to open any number of NRI accounts suitable to your needs. The opening forms are also referred at the end of respective account types.

Procedures & Benefits:

  • Non-Resident accounts can be opened along with your remittances through Banking channel.
  • Photograph shall be enclosed with the opening form.
  • There is no ceiling on the amounts remitted for your credit in Non-Resident account.
  • When the NRI depositor returns to India, the NRE account will be automatically treated as Resident account. However NRE term deposit will continue to earn same rate till maturity even after such conversion.
  • NRE accounts earn more interest than domestic deposits.
  • Nomination facilities are available for registration in favor of a non resident or resident.
  • Loans against deposits are allowed for purposes other than investment up to 90% of the deposit.
  • The income from deposit is free from Indian Income Tax.
  • It is also free from Gift tax for one time gifting.

Various NRI Account Types

Click the links below to learn more about the different NRI Account Types and Benefits:

Money Transfer Options

Customers not interested in opening an account with us can yet transfer funds from abroad to their relatives here in India. We have tied up with the best agents viz. List of Money Transfer Service Providers to smoothly and instantly transfer funds which can be encashed at any of our branches all over India.