Study Abroad Assistances

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Learn more about our exclusive facilities for students planning to going abroad.

Study Abroad Assistances

TMB provides a range of extended facilities and services for the smooth sailing of students planning to going abroad for further studies. We offer not just remittances but also loans to fund your studies globally.

Among the range of services being offers, we provide extremely secure transfer of funds at very attractive exchange rates with no service charges and very simplified procedures. For more details, please contact your nearest branch today.

Easy, Quick and Hassle Free Fund Remittance:

  • Extremely attractive exchange rates
  • Simplified procedures
  • Secured transfer of funds

Remittance by Demand Draft:

For making funds remittances in favour of Universities, colleges in abroad through foreign demand draft, you need to submit a Request Letter as well as Simple Declaration Form. Sample for both the above documents will be provided by our bank branches.

Remittance by Wire Transfer:

For making funds remittances in favour of Universities, colleges in abroad through wire transfer, you need to submit the following details along with the above documents:

  • Amount and currency of remittance.
  • Intermediary bank name with Swift code.
  • Beneficiary bank name with Swift code.
  • Beneficiary / member account number.
  • Beneficiary / member name with full address.
  • Purpose of the remittance.
  • Applicant name and address.
  • Student ID.

Contact Branches:

Students in need of foreign drafts, foreign funds remittances may kindly contact the branch at which they currently maintain their current / savings account.

Contact TMB for your remittance requirements and feel the pleasure of banking with TMB.