e-Tax Payment

pay your taxes from the comfort of your home / branch
e-Tax Payment

Now pay all your taxes / dues to the government from the comfort of paying through your branch itself. TMB is proud to announce that it has made tie-up arrangement with IDBI Bank Ltd to pay your Direct Tax, Goods & Service Tax (GST) and Excise Duty. The FAQ on the service is given below

Note: Based on the various representations from our Customers, we have waived charges for Online Tax Payment transactions routed through TMB eConnect for all customers with effect from 12th Dec 2011. Customers can remit upto Rs. 10.00 lakhs under the Online Direct Tax Payment facility.

What are the types of taxes that can be paid through TMB eTax?
a. Direct Taxes such as Income Tax, Corporation Tax, Tax Deducted at Source / Tax Collected at Source (TDS/TCS), Security Transaction Tax, Hotel Receipts Tax, Wealth Tax, Expenditure Tax / Other Direct Taxes and Gift Tax. b. Excise Duty & c. Goods & Service Tax (GST)
What is the procedure of paying the above taxes?
First Step - Registering of PAN / TAN
Once a customer has been registered with us for tax payment, there is no need to register again for making payment of tax again. The customer has to submit the Xerox copy of the PAN / TAN along with the Original. The Xerox copy will be retained by the branch for registration and future reference.
The PAN / TAN registration will be carried out on next day but not less than a period of 24 hours. For example, if the branch enters the PAN / TAN data of “Mr.X” customer on 18th Feb 2010 before 4 pm, then the branch can effect payment of taxes on behalf of “Mr.X” customer on 20th Feb 2010.
Second Step - submitting tax payment challans.
After successful registration of PAN / TAN details, the customer has to submit the relevant challans [ Form No.280, 281, 282, 283 & GAR 7 ] to the branch duly filled with all the required details before 1 pm to get the acknowledgement on the same date of debit in the customer’s account for the respective tax. The time frame will be advanced by one hour on Saturdays. The Challans should be accompanied with Cheque for the tax amount.
Third Step - Acknowledgements
The acknowledgements will be provided by the branches on the same day itself in the evening hours. The same can also be e-mailed, in case of specific request from the customer.
What are the Prerequisite for availing the service?
The customer has to maintain an operative account [ Savings Bank Account / Current Account / Overdraft / Cash Credit ] with the branch where he is remitting the tax.
What are the charges for availing the service?
A flat fee of Rs. 30 [ inclusive of Goods & Service Tax (GST) ] per challan will be collected from the customer at the time of remitting tax.
What is the time limit for carrying out PAN / TAN registration?
From Monday to Friday -> upto 4 pm and On Saturdays -> Upto 12 Noon
Is there any time frame for activation of PAN / TAN?
PAN/TAN will be activated within 24 hours of registration or on the next working day.
What is the time limit for remittance of Tax?
From Monday to Friday -> upto 1 pm and On Saturdays -> Upto 11 am.
What is the time frame for receipt of acknowledgements?
On the late hours of remittance or on the forenoon of next day.
Time Stamping of acknowledgements?
All tax remittances made within the time limit prescribed above, will carry the dates on which the tax is paid.
Whether the customer can pay after the stipulated time limits?
No, but the branches will accept the challans for next day remittances.
What is the process of tax remittance made through TMB?
After receiving the Challans from the customers, the branches will enter the details in Finacle. After the cut off time [ 1 pm ], the Service Branch at Chennai consolidates all the challans entered by the branches and arrive the amount for funds transfer to IDBI Bank Ltd [Our Bank’s partner in remitting taxes]. Then the Service Branch at Chennai will transfer the funds to our Bank’s account at IDBI Bank Ltd through RTGS. After the RTGS Credit, the Service Branch will upload the data in IDBI web server for onward transmission to CBDT. And on the closing hours / forenoon hours of next day, the acknowledgements will be received and forwarded to the respective branch.

For complete terms and conditions governing the eTax payment services offered by the bank, please refer to our eTax Terms and Conditions (Format: Adobe "PDF" Document)