TMB 555 Deposit

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TMB 555 Deposit

The deposit is open to all individuals, including Joint account holders and Minors, Proprietorship concern, Partnership firm, Companies, Trusts, Associations, Clubs, Educational institutions, Charitable institutions, Public institutions and Statutory bodies and Non-Resident Ordinary Citizens.

The existing slab TMB 555 days will cease to exist from 04.05.2016.

Retail as well as corporative customers having aptitude for medium term investments.
All types resident individuals / Non - individuals and NRO* / NRE* account holders.
Minimum Deposit
Minimum deposit will be Rs. 1,000.00 and in multiples of Rs. 1,000.00. No Maximum.
Mode of Deposit
Fixed / Muthukuvial Deposit.
Interest Payment Frequency
Monthly as well as Quarterly in case of Fixed Deposit.
555 Days.
Rate of interest
General Public: 5.75% p.a., Senior Citizen: 6.25% p.a..
Loan on Deposit
Loan facility will be made available as per the Bank's extant guidelines.
Nomination facility is available.
Premature Closure
1 % penalty shall be levied on the card rate of the interest applicable to the period for which the deposit remained with bank. No interest will be paid for premature closure of deposit within 14 days from the date of deposit / renewal.
Premature Renewal of the existing deposit
Facility of premature renewal of the existing deposit into TMB 555 is not permitted.
KYC Compliance
The account should be fully KYC compliant.
This is a Special Limited Period Offer only.

[* Additional rate of interest payable on term deposits to Senior Citizens shall not apply to NRO / NRE Term Deposits].

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