Super Flexi Current A/c

our super flexible banking current account
Super Flexi Current A/c

Learn more about the our Super Flexi Business Checking Current A/c.

TMB now provides an innovative super flexible self updating current account as detailed below. Based on your monthly average balance, the account adopts itself to offer you unmatched service and privileges based on your previous month MAB.

Super Flexi Current Accounts:

You can have a single combo special anywhere current account with varying features based on the balances maintained in your account. In the new TMB Super Flexi Current Account, you can enjoy benefits in the ongoing month based on the previous month average balances maintained in the account. It will facilitate you to enjoy dynamic free limits on Cash Deposit and Free Cheque Books facilities based on the AMB (Average Monthly Balance) maintained.

How it Works:

For existing Accounts: (TMB Silver, TMB New Gold, TMB Diamond, TMB Platinum, TMB Pearl and TMB Gold) - The system will calculate previous month average balance for each account. Based on the previous month average balance in the each account, the system will classify each account in any one of the three sub categories.

  • Silver (MAB Rs. 20,000.00)
  • New Gold (MAB Rs. 50,000.00)
  • Diamond (MAB Rs. 3,00,000.00)

For that entire month, the account will enjoy all the benefits pertaining to the applicable sub category. Similarly in the next month, the system will classify into sub-categories applicable for each account based on previous month average balance & the account will be also entitled to sub category specific benefit according to reclassification, every month.

Complete Details about the Super Flexi Current Account: