PAN Card Application Service

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PAN Card Application Service

We have made an arrangement with UTI Technology Services Ltd (UTI - ITLSL) to issue PAN card through all our branches. PAN card application form can be downloaded from here (or) can be collected from any of our branches.

Documents required for PAN Card Application:

You can get your PAN card by simply filling up the application form and submitting the same at any of our branches along with the following documents:

  • Self attested Proof of Address (POA).
  • Self attested Proof of Identity (POI).
  • Two copies of recent photograph.
  • Remember to bring the originals of the above documents to the branch for verification.

In case of minors, the POA & POI of the parent / guardian (who should also be an IT assesse) who applies on behalf of the minor should be enclosed along with the application. Photograph of the minor must be pasted on the application form.

A processing fee of Rs. 131.00 (Rs. 111.00 + ST Rs. 20.00) has to be paid at the time of submission of the application.

PAN gets allotted within 7 working days and the physical card will be delivered within 15 working days to the address of the individual / entity directly by UTI - ITSL.

Check Status of PAN Card Application (Online):

  • The current status of the PAN Card Application can be tracked by visiting the My UTI ITSL Website and furnishing your coupon number.

Multifarious use of PAN Card in day to day life:

  • It is a major identification document.
  • For investments in primary and secondary markets.
  • For opening Demat Accounts and Trading Accounts.
  • For Mutual Fund investments.
  • Mandatory for any depositor (including Non - Residents) whose receipts are subject to deduction of tax at source.

Precautions for filling application Form:

  • While filling up the application, take extra care in filling up the Name.
  • The Last Name/Surname should be your name and first name should be the expansion of your first initial and middle name should be the expansion of your second initial.
    For example, if the name is "M Thangaraj" it should be written as "Manickam Thangaraj".

Download the Application Form: