Foreign Exchange

our extensive foreign exchange initiatives and services

Foreign Exchange Volumes:

Foreign Exchange Volumes

The bank had achieved a turnover of Rs. 28,411.85 Crores in foreign exchange for the year ended March 2017. In terms of Forex turnover, this bank ranks first among the Tamilnadu based private sector banks. The bank is known for its quick and efficient service in this segment. With a view to provide enhanced facilities to the bank’s customers the Foreign Exchange Department which was functioning at Tuticorin has been shifted to Chennai as International Banking Division. The bank has become a member of the Society for Worldwide Inter Bank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT). This communication system besides giving the bank a definite identify will facilitate easy connectivity, quick and proper transfer of funds worldwide in a cost effective manner.

Integrated Treasury and Foreign Exchange Operations

Integrated Treasury and Foreign Exchange Operations

In line with the latest trend in banking our Bank has also shifted its focus to build up its investment portfolio with a blend of good quality and higher yielding investments. The Bank has planned to expand its activity by having an Integrated Treasury and Foreign Exchange Operations Department with adequate infrastructure to handle the trading in Foreign Exchange, derivatives etc., to generate steady stream of income.